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I want to thank all the people behind these zines for the work   they do.  Without their words and efforts most of us would never be heard.


“...a truly amazing debut from Purest Spiritual Pigs which quite frankly has had us bowled over and bandy since first coming within earshot of it”

“There’s something decidedly wrong about listening to this debut release from Helena Thompson AKA Purest Spiritual Pigs by day beneath the blue hazed skies.  Instead suited more to be listened to in the dark stillness of night happy to play peek a boo and skulk around the edges of your senses, that’s not to say that the five cuts here are bleak or morose, although to some lesser extent truth be told they are - rather more, Thompson oozes a disquieting intimacy that’s clawing with it’s claustrophobic touch...Thompson scavenges the more shaded arenas of outsider pop, sometimes cathartic, grizzled, frayed and fragmented this quintet of cuts don’t so much fester, but ache with a primal beauty.  Opening with the death rattling blister of chamber blues that is the unflinching burnt through - Thompson navigates deftly through the dusty plains of scarred and scoured blues wastelands with her mojo bag firmly gripped in the palm of her hand...By sharp contrast m.j.r. is a more uplifting experience, set to a delicate echoing mantra strum...from the light to the dark spectral glazes that initially hauntingly twist and caress remains root this tenderly hypnotic honey into a somewhat crystalline and macabre goth beast...

picking myself up is with out a doubt the sets most detached moment, a skewed and gnarled slice of primitive boogie drilled with blankly despondent nagging and wiring industrial grooves over which Thompson’s disembodied vocals scowl and swoop.

that said, its left to the parting shot the creatures-esque blood-let to provide the EP with its centerpiece, a throwback in some respects to the late 70’s post punk scene that takes its reference points principally from 23 Skidoo, A Certain Ratio and Cabaret Voltaire to concoct a riddled off key primal stew augmented by tribal rhythms and scarred with nomadic bleakness of PIL’s piercing anti-pop mindset as encountered on the howling flowers of romance - edgy and essential.”     

                                                   -Mark X   (Losing Today)           


“Lenny Gonzalez contributes screechy guitar feedback to the noisy art-rock of

picking myself up...thompson’s songs are, though lo-fi, more on the bleak and mellow side, a little like a female version of Michael Gira’s post swans project, The Angels Of Light.  On burnt through, her voice is a slow moody drawl accompanied by an equally depressive bass guitar, while the overdriven guitar chorus on remains combines the angst of riot grrrl music with the druggy haze of shoegaze; think of a more talented Courtney Love on a whole lot of downers.”  

                                       -Matthew Johnson   (Grave Concerns e-Zine)


“Helena Thompson is the mind behind this tour de force of musical experimentation, the whole concept is a floating myriad of forms, music, multi-media and expressive dance etc.  as collaborators drift in and out the whole concept shifts and wavers like heat haze but the core stays true to a vision.  This will appeal mainly to those who like their atmospheric soundscapes but also to most people who like to explore music in all its forms.  Burnt through uses Jim Morrison’s influence and twists them in a way I’m sure he would approve of.  Remains will have the goth community in it’s thrall with Helena’s lilting drawl and punk tinted music complimenting each other and becoming greater than the sum of their parts.”

                                                                    -Phoenix   (Devolution magazine)


“Purest Spiritual Pigs is a solo/collaborative project put together by Helena Thompson, who has succeeded in creating a project that maintains a high level of artistic intensity and diversity with a premium standard of quality.  This album begins with burnt through...It’s semi-acoustical, deep bass feel and poetic lyrics give it the feel of an early indie band on a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack.  The album maintains it’s mellow feel through m.j.r. and remains, and then kicks into a slower steady industrial/experimental mode with picking myself up, which fuses tribal drumbeats, heavy distortion guitars, and processed vocals with piercing melodies.  The album wraps up with blood-let, which uses clear vocals and strong guitars that sound like they’re echoing through a cathedral to create a very entrancing ethereal track.

The album as a whole is genuinely original with its mixture of acoustic and processed sounds, diverse in its transition from a semi-jazz lounge feel to a more industrial sound.  The production work is smooth, but not to the point of giving it that horrible cookie cutter feel.”

                                      -Dj Infamous   (REGEN MAGAZINE)



“…maybe the next Jarboe?  Which is not a bad thing at all, Jarboe generally ruling the roost, but not what I expected, and again I’m happy when that occurs-just with the a name like that and a front cover featuring an omnisexual grotesque with wings that seems like an H.P. Lovecraft character crossed with an H.R Giger one, I guess I was thinking ‘oh right, aggro art noise.’  But only soft drumming and steady bass is heard besides the singing from Helena Thompson…there is a distinct feeling of the mystic and haunted late Swans on here…definitely a surprise, and a sign that things sometimes go right when listening to all these CDs.”

                                         -Ned Raggett   (Stylus Magazine)


“This 20-minute EP marks the debut of a very intriguing and promising new band, going under the bizarre name of Purest Spiritual Pigs...  This new creature actually, as explained in the biography, aims to be more than a simple music project and involve other people on different levels and aspects of art.  For the moment, anyway, we can enjoy this excellent first taste of capacities.  There are five songs on the disc, each showing a different side of Helena’s personality and interests.  Opening burnt through is a sensual trip hop-like track, which reminds a bit of early His Name Is Alive, but with there cold and ghostly atmospheres replaced by flaming pulsations.  M.J.R. is a great dark acoustic ballad where Helena gives great proof of her excellent vocal talent in the vein of Jarboe and PJ Harvey.  Even more interesting are remains and picking myself up, disturbing and attracting at the same time, built around granitic and noisy electric guitars and exiting vocals.  Final blood-let is the most experimental of the five, using various rhythms, electronic effects and a more tense singing. 

We could place Purest Spiritual Pigs alongside some of the most inspired American bands of the 1990s’, like the aforementioned His Name Is Alive or Swans, in that undefined area which crosses art rock, post-rock and experimental frontiers.  A striking debut and a sure promise for the future.”

                                                 -Simon V.   (FILTH FORGE)


“This wasn’t what I expected at all. The cover has a picture of a two headed, naked breasted, winged, forked tailed, demon looking creature.  I thought I was looking at death metal or black metal, given that clue.  Hell even the name gives the same kind of impression.  Well the impression is wrong.  What we get is a female fronted, strange/dark psychedelic alternative music... the singer has an excellent rock voice.  She is strong and mysterious.  The lyrics come across as passionate and genuinely disturbed, yet easy on the ears.  The lyrics are extremely well crafted.  I was really on the edge of my seat to hear each next line of verse.  The music can be electronic sounding at times, and at others it’s pretty organic...I’m guessing that the artist has a lot of experience, and knows her way around the music shop.  Guitars, bass, drums, it all works to create a bleak but fiery night music for the touched.  I’ll bet that most people who get tricked by the cover and the name of the project, don’t even mind when they hear what they actually got.”



(translated from French by Noella Maynard)

“This beautiful answer to my very gourmet musical tastes.  Helena Thompson, initiator of this project also provides us the honor of hearing these magnificent mellow vocals (a change from what we normally hear, reminiscent of the ‘batcave’ years) with very absorbing melodies.  The influences are many, thus creating pieces that are trip-hop ambient, such as the first selection burnt through, ending with a death rock that is uplifting and driven.  All five songs are of the nature that one cannot help nodding one’s head and tapping one’s fingers to the beat.  This EP is undeniably a promising venture for purest spiritual pigs, for which I wish a ‘multi-jewelled’ future.  The remaining three compositions (these more death-rock) are for me veritable wonders.  Therefore, yes, by all means go ahead with your endevour, because frankly, this is helping to give birth to something that could become great. 

I also note equally, that this EP is served by a very good production.”

                                                                            -nobody   (Sentinels of Time)

(read the original review in French at the link below):         




“Purest Spiritual Pigs seems to play fairly dark, groove-oriented slow post-rock.  Much of the music honestly reminds me of a male vocal, less lo-fi Portishead, with a pinch of Raymond Watts thrown in...burnt through is a bit of a chill out tune, borrowing a lyric from the doors light my fire.  This is an extremely different approach to rock music, while staying enjoyable to the ears.  The second track, m.j.r., almost reminds me of Eels’ bassist Tommy Walter’s new band, Abandoned Pools...we even see Purest Spiritual Pigs taking a more industrial attempt at rock through the uptempo picking myself up, Aggressive and slightly emotional, the track paints a machine bludgeoned picture of distorted memories and artistic expression...If this self-titled EP is anything to base the band’s future on, Purest Spiritual Pigs is sure to make a fast name for itself in the post-rock underground.  Really, it kicks the pants off of most rock I have received in the past months and is definitely deserving of some attention...If you ever find that they’re playing within driving distance of where you’re at, get there.  I can almost guarantee it will not be a show you’d want to miss.”

                                         -Lord Lycan   (Heathen Harvest)



“Purest Spiritual Pigs is the musical project of Helena Thompson,  a Minneapolis Minnesota, based artist...she certainly sounds like a ballsy type as her sultry drawl intones lines like I’m the bad seed’, pilfering the key line from the doors

light my fire over subtle electro rhythms and forlorn bluesy bass.  At times this EP takes a taut Swans acoustic strum into chiming indie-goth territory, while remains leads subtle ringing guitars so beloved of 4AD artists into forms of dark rock. 

The best, however, is picking myself up, where Thompson’s kick-ass vocal is fed through a megaphone over layers of shifting guitars.  It’s a refreshing take on a well-worn form, and the artwork of Umberto Crenca is splendid.” 

                                         -Tony Compulsion   (compulsion)



The following link is direct to this review. ( Italian )



                                                                                      -Hadrianus   (Ver Sacrum)


“These pulsating rhythms and retching melodies remind me of satanic ritual.  Oddly haunting, often hushed vocals, tone warping trance-rock melodica tickling guitar crunches, drum flurries, and effects squeals.  This is industrial without the metrical thump…Purest Spiritual Pigs is a dark and sufficiently intriguing rock record with enough production to blur the lines of electronic music.”

                                                                                 -C.M.J.   (Rift Magazine)

  “The mystery PSP gets your attention.  I’ve been listening to this for months now and still can’t figure it out.  There is the heterogeneous stylistic about it that seems to cover its tracks a bit.  It passes shamelessly between a death rock followed by a slowness, almost ethereal and poetic, always under the electronic influence of distorted guitars and always with a distinct beat.  Helena Thompson posses no barrier in her choice of elements to use in her music, be it reminiscent of trip hop, noisy or dark.  The resulting diversity of these five tittles shows the depth of PSP.  Obviously, more culpable, the ambience of these movements....absorbing, penetrating, sometimes oversized and often cold and jarring create a cold, haunting, strange atmosphere in its construction.  The voice, perfectly integrated between singing and talking, between melancholy and tired is also curious....  It does tug at the imagination a driving framework that announces there is something more attractive to come. to discover.”

(To read the original french review, click on link below)

www.obskure.com/fr/kro_model.php?n_kro=4966             -par ghnomb  (obskure)

                                                             (Translated from French by Noella Maynard)                                                                                                                           



The following are reviews of Purest Spiritual Pigs (2007) self titled EP