In February 2009 Purest Spiritual Pigs began an ongoing piece titled
for people not on phones.  In these interventions, sounds are extracted from public places, reworked and placed back into their original locations.  The playback volumes are set very low, making them only audible to passers by who are present in their environments. 
The first of this series of work took place in Providence R.I. during the month of february 2009.  Purest Spiritual Pigs, as a resident artist at AS220 worked w/the PSP configuration: (thompson, clausen, crenca, wade and AS220 Labs).  audio.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0

(Summer 2010)

Purest Spiritual Pigs just released the full length CD BODY MISSES on 6/26/10.  We are also working on material to be performed live.

Purest Spiritual pigs is planning to begin work on the next installation of For People Not On Phones (Minneapolis) in summer/fall 2010.

         LIVE SOUNDTRACK San Francisco (February 2010)

                                             video pending

In this piece, photos by Anita Bowen were combined with video by

Helena Thompson to create a visual backdrop.  This backdrop, became the focal point of a live improvised soundtrack, performed by Dorothy Wang and Helena Thompson.

FOR PEOPLE NOT ON PHONES (February 2009)   

                                             SHREDS   (August 2007)

As with any art form or craft, there are always bits left over that never manifest into anything more than what they are. 

In August 2007 Purest Spiritual Pigs presented SHREDS.  

In this production Helena Thompson gave sound remnants (ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes) to the following artists: Jessica Cressey, Sarah Gordon, Susan Scalf, Jaime Carrera, Hijack, and Dylan Skybrook. The 18 tracks they chose from, could be used in any way the choreographers wanted.  The links below are video excerpts from SHREDS.

                             COLD MARBLE EXCHANGE (2007)

This video was created by utilizing raw footage of HIJACK (a Minneapolis based dance group) rehearsal video.  The footage was then manipulated, butchered, and regurgitated by Helena Thompson.

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