Helena Thompson is the instigator of Purest Spiritual Pigs. The intent of this project is to amass a revolving door of artists for collaborations.  These works include music, visual, conceptual and performing arts.  


On June 26, 2010 PSP released BODY MISSES, their first full length CD, with “pigs”: Helena Thompson, Lenny Gonzalez, Dorothy Wang, Natasha Hassett, Cody Bourdot, Susan Clausen, Umberto Crenca and NG Yrizarry.  

In the past few years, PSP works have included: the first of a series of sound interventions titled “FOR PEOPLE NOT ON PHONES”, the release of a self titled EP, the first of a series of performances involving choreography and sound titled “SHREDS”,  and several multi media performances throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and San Francisco.


Before developing Purest Spiritual Pigs, Helena collaborated, performed, and produced work with artists and bands in San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York and Providence.  Collaborations include: (bands)- XSX, Her Majesty The Baby, Dizzy Little Death, (artists)- Steven Rife (multi-media, pyro-technician), Eleanor Savage (film/video artist), Jade Blue Eclipse (performance artist) and  Gen Ken (multi-media artist).



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